Ladyboys in Pattaya, Thailand

The ladyboy capital of the world is Pattaya, Thailand. Ladyboys, locally known as "Kathoey" are manmade women often considered more beautiful than Thai women themselves. Every year ten-thousands of ladyboy lovers from all over the world come the most fun city in the world to enjoy and be entertained by ladyboys in one of the many beer bars, gogo bars and cabaret shows spread out in the many enterainment areas within the city.

The most popular nightlife destination / entertainment area in Pattaya is Walkingstreet on the corner of Beach Road and South Pattaya Road, some of the ladyboy beersbars on Walkingstreet named Hot Tuna and Jenny Star Bar, Marine Discotheque upstairs from Jenny Star Bar is the only discotheque in town that solo or groups of ladyboy freelancers to enter the venue. But perhaps the best attraction on Walkingstreet is the many available freelance ladyboys seeking shorttime or longtime customers. They are generally the prettier ones and down to suck and fuck upstairs in the shorttimes room nearby such as upstairs from Sweethearts Agogo or Tony's Shorttime Rooms (soi 16).

Some shorttime rooms may confirm with you upon check-in you are accompying a ladyboy to the room, straighten up your back and push out your chest when saying with proud show and proper straight face: "Yes I am" ;-) while knowing your gonna have a better time than going with any of the GG bargirls (Geguine Girls).

If the busy Walkingstreet sounds a little to popular as a nightlife destination, there's more "low-key" areas for your ladyboy needs only a short walk or motorbike taxi ride away including Beach Road, Soi 13 which has the beerbar La Bamba and StringFellows Agogo. Just minutes away is the beerbar Sensations on Action Street (soi Buakhao), very popular amongst board members. Furthermore down the road of soi Buakhao located opposite the Sawadee Hotel is "Pook Bar" an open beer bar with two levels and plenty of beautiful ladyboys, which is only a soi away from Baby Boom Agogo yet another ladyboy gogo bar in the city. (when you exit pook bar turn right, than the first street right again (approx 50 meters), Baby Boom is located at the end of the street on the left hand side (approx 75 meters).

The information gives away approx. 10% of Pattaya, Thailand's secrets of Ladyboys. You didn't think we would actually give away all of the secrets in regards to Thailand's most beautiful women in a single article or page now did you? There's a hand full of more Agogo's as well Beerbars, plenty of more Freelancer hang outs and secrets to communicating with ladyboys, getting them to do what you like, and / or need to know lessons before going to Thailand! Be warned that going to Thailand with "a blindfold on" (knowing nothing) is amongst the most stupid decision you can make.

Being a newbie in town you will eaten alive by (pretty) sharks, that's a guarantee I can give you right now. A valuable tip is to check out the ladyboy forum, with over 50,000 subscribed board members who all love and endore ladyboys, can and will share tips and give you more intell on individual ladyboys you might like and look for on your next trip to Thailand!